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Does it get any better than this? “Saturday Night Live” comedian Bill Hader is going to introduce Howard Hawks 1959 Western classic Rio Bravo. This is part of Turner Classic Movies “The Essentials Jr.” which is a block of movies that the whole family can watch. This block of movies usually starts every year in late May and goes through the month of August.  “The Essentials” on the other hand goes all year long. Anyway, I forgot what film was shown last week, but tonight is a must watch. Director Howard Hawks is one of my all-time favorite filmmakers second only to Alfred Hitchcock. Many film aficionados regard Howard Hawks as the greatest genre filmmaker of all time. “Rio Bravo” is often regarded by Hawks scholars as his crowning achievement. That certainly is true when upon viewing it. All of Hawks themes are on display here; the theme of bonding, Hawks sense of humor, and his trademark rapid-fire dialogue and pace. What will be most interesting in this viewing is how SNL comedian Hader will introduce and bookend the film. He hosted “The Essentials Jr.” last year and he was just awesome to watch. Not to mention that he is very funny as well. He is also a cinema aficionado (here and here). Celebrate Father’s Day tonight with a film that every Dad or at least most of them love.