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Sorry, I have not posted in a week; I have just been so busy with my work schedule, its not even funny. In addition, I apologize for not dedicating this blog more to what it should be about (read here). As this blog matures, so will what it should be about. Anyway, tonight as part of “Turner Classic Movies” summer block “The Essentials Jr.”, “Saturday Night Live” comedian Bill Hader will be introducing Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 silent classic The Circus. From an artistic standpoint, The Circus may seem like a minor work when compared to his other “Little Tramp” films like City Lights, The Gold Rush, and Modern Times. But the result is anything but. The Circus is every bit the breakthrough Chaplin’s The Kid was. There are just as many memorable sequences too. The Little Tramp’s adventures range from a stroll through a funhouse full of mirrors, a walk on a circus tightrope as well as trying to control a bunch of circus monkeys. The closing sequence is truly iconic. In it, The Little Tramp casually walks with his trademark cane walking towards an unforeseeable future. At 8 p.m./7 p.m. central tonight, take a trip to The Circus.