Welcome Back Everybody

I know I have been on a prolonged absence from this blog, but that is because I needed some rest 🙂 But I am back 🙂 I will resume Moviedrome Mondays beginning in early January of 2023. A shout out to Steve, a fellow visitor of this site (check out his youtube channel under the username giulio sacchi), I will be working on my review of the poliziottesschi entry The Climber soon 🙂

The other thing I wanted to explain is that according to this Sight & Sound magazine tweet (read here), it is not in August that the greatest films ever made according to the aforementioned magazine will be released, but in November of this year. I honestly had no idea, I just always assumed this was the time they usually did it, but I was proven wrong. The good news about that however, is that it gives everybody more time to come up with the titles that they want to choose as their 10 favorite films 🙂 As for myself, I have already finished writing short summaries for six of the 10 titles I chose. In other words, it is still a work in progress. Aside from that though, I will also be composing 10 choices for my favorite American/English-Language films and another 10 dedicated towards foreign films.

My question to all of my dear readers is this: What are your 10 favorite American/English-Language Films and favorite foreign films? 🙂