5 Goals I Hope to Accomplish in 2023

Happy 2023 to all of my dear readers 🙂 Yes, I know I have not been posting as frequently as I would like, but my schedule has been chock full lately 😦 Nevertheless, I do hope to post more as the year progresses 🙂 Here, below are just 5 of those goals 🙂

  1. Write more reviews on the poliziotteschi films that Steve (a regular visitor of this site) has recommended to me (I have accomplished the task of watching these gems).
  2. Resume my Moviedrome Monday entries (I only have two more seasons to cover).
  3. Write more blog entries.
  4. To start on writing a series of blog entries regarding the rankings of great films directed by my favorite directors.
  5. Comment more on the blog entries of my fellow readers (i.e. Paul S, Pete etc.).

Once again, I hope to accomplish all of these goals as the year goes by and a huge thanks to all of my dear readers who comment on here 🙂



Please forgive me dear readers, but my Moviedrome Monday entry for today has been postponed for tomorrow. A few hours after I completed what was going to be this week’s entry, fellow reader Steve kindly reminded me that that Moviedrome episode was a double-bill 🙂 Since I love to be as accurate as possible 🙂, I decided to delete that other blog entry and revise it for tomorrow, so it has both of the films on there like the original episode did 🙂 Once again, please forgive my unintended error and I shall post it for all of you to see by midnight Tuesday 🙂

P.S. thank you once again Steve for pointing this out to me 🙂 My revision should be be ready for reading by midnight Tuesday (US time) 🙂

On Break

There will be no Moviedrome Monday entries tomorrow, next Monday and the Monday after. I am taking a break from this blog. Do not worry though, I will return with new blog entries (including that of new Moviedrome Monday entries) on Sunday July 25, 2021 🙂

An Apology to Steve

To Steve: I would like to sincerely apologize to you for hurting your feelings in regards to those two Moviedrome videos you uploaded. Though it was unintentional on my part, I truly feel sorry for any pain I may have caused you. Please do not delete your videos because I love watching any Moviedrome youtube video regardless of quality. When I used the word lousy to describe them, I assumed you felt the same. Nevertheless, your hard work in getting those videos together was far from it. In fact, you deserve high praise from me and everybody else for your hard work. You are also right in your implications that when that rare Moviedrome video is uploaded, it offsets any shortcomings. Please re-upload your videos because I do love watching them regardless of quality. I did not intend to use the word lousy in extreme terms (personally, I do not think any thing about it is lousy). Nevertheless, words can hurt and people can look at what I say in a different light. Please do not delete your two Moviedrome videos because I really do love them. I am glad that you enjoyed looking at my Moviedrome Monday blog entries, please continue to do so. If not, I will not hold it against you, but I do want to let you know that I am truly sorry for any hurt I may have caused you.

To My Readers: The above apology letter was in regards to the blog entry regarding the Moviedrome Monday double bill entry of Hell’s Angels on Wheels and Rumble Fish (read here). When I linked to the youtube videos of Alex Cox introducing both films, I used the word lousy to describe the audio and quality of it. The word lousy to describe both videos have since been removed by me, but I think it may have played a significant role in Steve’s (the uploader of the videos) deletion of them. At the time, I assumed that he probably felt the same way – in other words, I was with him in thinking better this than nothing. Sadly, Steve mistook it as a harsh criticism and I feel responsible for his removal of the videos. Personally, I could care less about the audio and quality of the videos and like him (and hopefully you dear readers), I love any Moviedrome video regardless of audio and quality. Steve’s efforts took a lot of hard work and I sold him short. Of course that was not intended, but he mistook it as such. Right now, Steve feels hurt and I partly need the help of all of you readers. First off, as with Steve, I owe all of you dear readers a huge sincere apology and second, I do not want to hurt my relationship with him or any of you. I do not know If this idea will work, but I want all of you readers to try and encourage Steve to re-upload his Moviedrome youtube videos by leaving this reply in my comment box below. The letters are in bold.

Steve, we truly appreciate all your hard work in uploading whatever Moviedrome videos you can put together on youtube. Please do not delete them, all of us could care less about audio and quality. Your hard work always pays off.

No New Post Today

Moviedrome Mondays will resume next Sunday – I was so busy with Easter that I just hadn’t had the time to prepare, but do not worry, I will be back with a new one next Sunday 🙂 I hope all of my dear readers had a Happy Easter as well 🙂

P.S. my Wednesday post might interest all of you – read the link here 🙂