My Favorite Robert Altman Films (2023 Edition)

All of the films and television stuff listed on here, I saw on either a home video format (VHS, Blu-Ray, DVD etc.) or through other means like from someplace online.

* * * * (Out of * * * *)

  1. Nashville (1975)
  2. Short Cuts (1993)
  3. Tanner ’88 (1988)
  4. A Prairie Home Companion (2006)
  5. Robert Altman’s Jazz ’34 (1996)
  6. Kansas City (1996)
  7. 3 Women (1977)
  8. McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971)
  9. The Long Goodbye (1973)
  10. California Split (1974)
  11. Secret Honor (1984)
  12. The Player (1992)
  13. Streamers (1983)
  14. The Company (2003)
  15. Gosford Park (2001)
  16. Vincent & Theo (1990)
  17. Come Back to the Five & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982)
  18. Cookie’s Fortune (1999)
  19. Popeye (1980)
  20. A Wedding (1978)
  21. Thieves Like Us (1974)
  22. Images (1972)
  23. Brewster McCloud (1970)
  24. M*A*S*H (1970)
  25. Rattlesnake in a Cooler (1982)
  26. The Laundromat (1985)
  27. That Cold Day in the Park (1969)
  28. The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (1988)
  29. Tanner on Tanner (2004)
  30. Gun – Season 1 (1997)
    Episode: All the President’s Women
  31. Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull’s History Lesson (1976)
  32. Fool for Love (1985)
  33. HealtH (1980)
  34. The Gingerbread Man (1998)
  35. Aria (1987)
    Segment: Les Boreades
  36. A Perfect Couple (1979)
  37. Basements (1987)
  38. O.C. and Stiggs (1985)
  39. Ready to Wear (1994)
  40. Quintet (1979)
  41. Dr. T & the Women (2000)
  42. Killer App (1998)
  43. Beyond Therapy (1987)
  44. Bus Stop – Season 1 (1961)
    Episode: Accessory by Consent
    Episode: A Lion Walks Among Us
  45. Combat! – Season 1 (1962/1963)
    Episode: Forgotten Front (1962)
    Episode: Rear Echelon Commandos (1962)
    Episode: Any Second Now (1962)
    Episode: Escape to Nowhere (1962)
    Episode: Cat and Mouse (1962)
    Episode: I Swear by Apollo (1962)
    Episode: The Prisoner (1962)
    Episode: The Volunteer (1963)
    Episode: Off Limits (1963)
    Episode: Survival (1963)
  46. The Gallant Men – Season 1 (1962)
    Episode: Pilot
  47. Whirlybirds – Season 3 (1959)
    Episode: Experiment X-74
    Episode: The Challenge
    Episode: The Big Lie
    Episode: The Perfect Crime
    Episode: The Unknown Soldier
    Episode: Two of a Kind
  48. Whirlybirds – Season 2 (1958/1959)
    Episode: Infra-Red (1958)
    Episode: Blind Date (1958)
    Episode: Copters and Robbers (1958)
    Episode: Story of Sister Bridgit (1958)
    Episode: Glamour Girl (1958)
    Episode: Act of Fate (1958)
    Episode: Rest in Peace (1959)
  49. Bronco – Season 3 (1960)
    Episode: The Mustangers
  50. Kraft Suspense Theatre – Season 1 (1963/1964)
    Episode: The Long, Lost Life of Edward Smalley (1963)
    Episode: The Hunt (1963)
    Episode: Once Upon a Savage Night (1964)
  51. M Squad – Season 1 (1958)
    Episode: Lover’s Lane Killing
  52. Lawman – Season 3 (1961)
    Episode: The Robbery
  53. Hawaiian Eye – Season 1 (1959)
    Episode: Three Tickets to Lani
  54. Bonanza – Season 2 (1960/1961)
    Episode: Silent Thunder (1960)
    Episode: Bank Run (1961)
    Episode: The Duke (1961)
    Episode: The Rival (1961)
    Episode: The Secret (1961)
    Episode: The Dream Riders (1961)
    Episode: Sam Hill (1961)
  55. Route 66 – Season 2 (1961)
    Episode: Some of the People, Some of the Time
  56. Bonanza – Season 3 (1961)
    Episode: The Many Faces of Gideon Flinch
  57. Peter Gunn – Season 3 (1961)
    Episode: The Murder Bond
  58. Maverick – Season 4 (1960)
    Episode: Bolt from the Blue
  59. Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Season 3 (1957/1958)
    Episode: The Young One (1957)
    Episode: Together (1958)
  60. Nightmare in Chicago (1964)
  61. Sugarfoot – Season 3 (1959/1960)
    Episode: Apollo with a Gun (1959)
    Episode: The Highbinder (1960)
  62. The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna – Season 4 (1960)
    Episode: It’s Magic
  63. Pot au feu (1967)
  64. Countdown (1967)
  65. The James Dean Story (1957)
    (co-directed with George W. George)
  66. The Dirty Look (1954)
  67. The Delinquents (1957)
  68. Modern Football (1951)
  69. The Perfect Crime (1955)
  70. The Sound of Bells (1952)
  71. The Magic Bond (1952)

Please note that their are 24 (or maybe more) Altman works (television or otherwise) that have yet to be discovered.


My Favorite Woody Allen Films (2023 Edition)

Please note that I am judging Woody Allen on here as a filmmaker and not as a person. Yes, I am aware of all of the controversies that have plagued his personal life and I do not condone any of them.

* * * * (Out of * * * *)

  1. The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)
  2. Manhattan (1979)
  3. Midnight in Paris (2011)
  4. Match Point (2005)
  5. Husbands and Wives (1992)
  6. Stardust Memories (1980)
  7. Zelig (1983)
  8. Broadway Danny Rose (1984)
  9. Radio Days (1987)
  10. Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)
  11. Another Woman (1988)
  12. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
  13. Annie Hall (1977)
  14. Bullets Over Broadway (1994)
  15. Love and Death (1975)
  16. Sleeper (1973)
  17. Take the Money and Run (1969)

My Favorite Robert Aldrich Films (2023 Edition)

* * * * (Out of * * * *)

  1. Kiss Me Deadly (1955)
  2. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)
  3. Hustle (1975)
  4. Autumn Leaves (1956)
  5. The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968)
  6. The Killing of Sister George (1968)
  7. Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)
  8. Attack (1956)
  9. The Big Knife (1955)
  10. Vera Cruz (1954)
  11. Ulzana’s Raid (1972)
  12. Twilight’s Last Gleaming (1977)
  13. Emperor of the North (1973)
  14. The Longest Yard (1974)
  15. Apache (1954)
  16. The Grissom Gang (1971)
  17. The Dirty Dozen (1967)
  18. The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)
  19. …All the Marbles (1981)
  20. Too Late the Hero (1970)
  21. World for Ransom (1954)
  22. Big Leaguer (1953)

My Favorite Chantal Akerman Films (2023 Edition)

All films listed here I watched either on a home video format or online 🙂 P.S. there are still plenty more Chantal Akerman films I need to check out.

* * * * (Out of * * * *)

  1. Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975)
  2. Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the 60’s in Brussels (1994)
  3. Toute une nuit (1982)
  4. No Home Movie (2015)
  5. Golden Eighties (1986)
  6. Les Rendez-vous d’Anna (1978)
  7. News from Home (1977)
  8. Night and Day (1991)
  9. D’Est (1993)
  10. Down There (2006)
  11. Sud (1999)
  12. Je Tu Il Elle (1974)
  13. Hotel Monterey (1973)
  14. Almayer’s Folly (2011)
  15. De l’autre cote (2002)
  16. Tomorrow We Move (2004)
  17. La Captive (2000)
  18. A Couch in New York (1996)
  19. Saute ma Ville (1968/1971)

John Charet’s Take On: Je t’aime moi non plus (I Love You, I Don’t) (1976)

Please note that the following may contain a spoiler or two. If you have not seen the film, I recommend not to continue reading from here.

Don’t bother going to see my film, see Gainsbourg’s. That is a work of art.

Francois Truffaut (read here)

Given that it was theatrically released in France one week before Small Change (see here and here), one could easily conclude (based on his above critical rave) that even celebrated French New Wave veteran Francois Truffaut (who helmed the latter) saw Je t’aime moi non plus as the greater masterpiece. Undoubtedly, any aspiring director would envy that kind of praise. Limited to his 5 feature-length films alone (one of which is a documentary), Je t’aime moi non plus served as cult musician Serge Gainsbourg’s directorial debut and to this day, it still stands out as a quintessential example of cinematic outsider art.

Driving through what looks like a desert area (a rural part of France maybe?), gay truckers Krassky (Joe Dallesandro) and Padovan (Hughes Quester) stop and enter a cafe where they are served by boyish waitress Johnny (Jane Birkin). The cafe’s owner Boris (Reinhard Kolldehoff) does not take too kindly to either Krassky or Padovan, but when the former falls for the lovesick Johnny, she can’t help but follow his lead. Nevertheless, their sexual relationship ends up enraging the already insecure Padovan, who goes so far as to almost kill Johnny during the climax.

On the one hand, Je t’aime moi non plus can arguably be seen as an inspired small-scaled collaborative effort. For starters, it is not only scored, but directed and written by noted enfant terrible Serge Gainsbourg. Since 1969, he had been in an open love relationship with the film’s lead actress Jane Birkin. In fact, the film’s title originated from a song Gainsbourg himself had written in 1967. Nevertheless, it only gained popularity (or notoriety) when he and Birkin sang it as a duet two years later.

While it is not unreasonable to expect Je t’aime moi non plus to work simply as a star vehicle for his then lover Jane Birkin, by doing so, we would be underestimating the already unpredictable Serge Gainsbourg’s talents as a director and writer. To complete Birkin, Gainsbourg wisely casted former Warhol superstar Joe Dallesandro. Similar to how he approaches Birkin, Gainsbourg (through his camera) happily gazes upon Dallesandro’s body, as do us viewers. As to be expected from the most iconic male sex symbol of American underground cinema and gay subculture (read here and here), the charismatic Dallesandro not only oozes raw sexuality, but also a subtle kind of gentleness. Birkin typically exhibits beauty (even with cropped hair) and (through facial expressions alone) undeniable charm. She truly is to Dallesandro what Jean Seberg was to Jean-Paul Belmondo in Breathless. Maybe it is just me, but If Birkin were an actress during the silent era, she would have been celebrated as a giant.

If Jane Birkin and Joe Dallesandro embody the heart of Je t’aime moi non plus, then director/writer Serge Gainsbourg represents the mind. Gainsbourg debatably has two faces. Whereas Johnny (Birkin) and Krassky (Dallesandro) personify the romantic within him, Padovan (Hughes Quester) arguably symbolizes his rebellious sensibilities. Once you combine the former with the latter, Je t’aime moi non plus finishes up as an erotically charged drama with an anti-erotic bent. After all, Gainsbourg did intend Je t’aime moi non plus as an anti-f**k song (read here and here). This can be clearly emphasized in it’s bittersweet ending (i.e. Krassky leaving Johnny). Johnny and Krassky’s sexual escapades are often titillating, occasionally hillarious, and at once, delightfully tasteless. Much of the film’s humor (as subtle as it is) comes in the form of a running gag involving Johnny and Krassky being kicked out of motels due to their loud lovemaking. Krassky’s attempts to subdue a hysterical Johnny (upon discovering that he is gay) could have easily been nothing more than a mean joke. On the surface, it is, but in the hands of the truly talented Gainsbourg, it becomes as weirdly irresistible as anything found in John Waters underground work. Considering the two were still romantically involved with each other at the time, a credible argument can be made that Je t’aime moi non plus serves as Gainsbourg’s love letter to Birkin.

As of 2022, I would not rank Small Change (despite my love for it) as the greatest of Francois Truffaut’s 1970’s work (that honor goes to the following year’s The Man Who Loved Women), so yes, I too nod in agreement with Truffaut in his sentiment that Je t’aime moi non plus is the superior film. Though Serge Gainsbourg may lack the impressive filmographies that have shaped the respective careers of Truffaut and fellow French New Wave legend Jean-Luc Godard as filmmakers, as a musician, he has more than proven to be every bit as accomplished. Given that I have only seen Je t’aime moi non plus, I can not say for sure whether Gainsbourg would have measured up to them. The one thing I can confirm is that when it comes to directorial debuts, Je t’aime moi non plus resembles the cinematic equivalent of a triple threat. As an erotic drama, Je t’aime moi non plus is simultaneously funny, outrageous and sexy.

* * * * (Out of * * * *) stars

Here is a youtube video link to the film’s French original theatrical trailer

Here is a youtube video link to a 2019 Re-Release trailer from Kino Lorber

Here is an Amazon link to Kino Lorber’s 2020 Blu-Ray/DVD release of the film

Last, but not least, here is a youtube video link to Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s duet of Je t’aime moi non plus

John Charet’s Take On: Almost Human (1974)

Please note that the following may contain some spoilers so If you have not seen the film, I recommend not to continue reading from here.

Although some have implied that Almost Human ranks as the number one best poliziotteschi film ever, I am not too sure. Nevertheless, I do agree that it ranks as one of the many greatest ones. Almost Human (like many poliziotteschi entries made before and after it) may have been shot on a shoestring, but what it lacked in it’s budget, more than compensated with their truly gritty flavor.

In Milan, homicidal small-time thief Giulio Sacchi (Tomas Milian) aspires to get rich, so he hatches up a plan to kidnap the daughter (Laura Belli) of a wealthy businessman (Giudo Alberti). Using his girlfriend’s (Anita Strindberg) car as transportation, Sacchi then buys a bunch of guns from an old acquaintance (Pippa Starnazza). Simultaneously, Sacchi hires some hoods to execute the kidnapping. At first, Sacchi’s plan looks like a success, but as Inspector Walter Grandi (Henry Silva) and his team of cops begin to slowly put the pieces together, Sacchi loses his sanity and in the process, jeopardizes the lives of everyone around him.

I will not go any further with the plot from here, just watch for yourselves. As for Tomas Milian himself, he was robbed of an Oscar nomination for his electrifying performance here as the psychotic Giulio Sacchi. One minute he is quick-witted and then the next, suddenly incompetent. Speaking of the latter, check out the scenes featuring his mob boss Ugo Maione (Luciano Catenacci) beating the crap out of Sacchi for screwing up – can you really blame him? Perverted? Aside from the kidnapped girl, Sacchi rapes two women during that notorious home invasion sequence. Sadistic? Once again, read that last sentence. Murderous? He does not seem to mind killing his girlfriend, an old colleague or his own goons. Along with Malcolm McDowell’s Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange, Milian’s Giulio Sacchi is truly bad to the bone. While not the scene-stealer that Milian is, veteran tough-guy actor Henry Silva offers excellent support as detective Walter Grandi, who credibly dishes out Dirty Harry Callahan-like justice.

* * * * (Out of * * * *) stars

Here is a youtube video link to what may be the film’s American trailer (released under the title The Death Dealer)

P.S. I also want to give a huge shout out to Steve (a fellow reader of this blog) for introducing me to this excellent film 🙂 If any of you readers are interested in watching his videos (and I am one of them), click here to view his youtube channel – great stuff indeed 🙂

Horror Films That I Love to Watch Each Year in October

First off, Happy Halloween to my dear readers and second, I would love to share with you all a list of horror films that I love to watch during the month of October. Now these are not the only horror films that I love, these are just the ones I love to watch during the aforementioned month. Anyway, enjoy the list below 🙂

Horror Films that I love to watch during the month of October (in chronological order)

  1. Cat People (1942) (Dir: Jacques Tourneur)
  2. The Ghost Ship (1943) (Dir: Mark Robson)
  3. I Walked with a Zombie (1943) (Dir: Jacques Tourneur)
  4. The Leopard Man (1943) (Dir: Jacques Tourneur)
  5. The Seventh Victim (1943) (Dir: Mark Robson)
  6. The Curse of the Cat People (1944) (Dir: Robert Wise)
  7. The Body Snatcher (1945) (Dir: Robert Wise)
  8. Dead of Night (1945) (Dir: Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden and Robert Hamer)
  9. Isle of the Dead (1945) (Dir: Mark Robson)
  10. Bedlam (1946) (Dir: Mark Robson)
  11. The Birds (1963) (Dir: Alfred Hitchcock)
  12. Night of the Living Dead (1968) (Dir: George A. Romero)
  13. Shivers (1975) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
    (a.k.a. They Came from Within)
  14. Eraserhead (1977) (Dir: David Lynch)
  15. Rabid (1977) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
  16. Dawn of the Dead (1978) (Dir: George A. Romero)
  17. Halloween (1978) (Dir: John Carpenter)
  18. The Brood (1979) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
  19. An American Werewolf in London (1981) (Dir: John Landis)
  20. The Evil Dead (1981) (Dir: Sam Raimi)
  21. The Thing (1982) (Dir: John Carpenter)
  22. Re-Animator (1985) (Dir: Stuart Gordon)
  23. The Fly (1986) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
  24. From Beyond (1986) (Dir: Stuart Gordon)
  25. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) (Dir: John McNaughton)
    (Not released theatrically until 1990)
  26. Evil Dead II (1987) (Dir: Sam Raimi)
  27. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) (Dir: David Lynch)
  28. Cronos (1993) (Dir: Guillermo del Toro)
  29. The Devil’s Backbone (2001) (Dir: Guillermo del Toro)
  30. Shaun of the Dead (2004) (Dir: Edgar Wright)
  31. Let the Right One In (2008) (Dir: Tomas Alfredson)
  32. The Babadook (2014) (Dir: Jennifer Kent)
  33. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) (Dir: Ana Lily Amirpour)
  34. Raw (2016) (Dir: Julia Ducournau)
  35. Midsommar (2019) (Dir: Ari Aster)

John Charet’s Favorite Horror Films of All-Time

Hey there dear readers 🙂 Before I say anything else, let me say that I am aware that some television episodes of horror items are missing and I intend to periodically update this list to include them when I am not so busy. I put this list together fast that is why. Also, I have been enjoying myself this month by watching nothing but horror films 🙂 So I hope all of you enjoy this list that I composed by each decade in chronological order. Enjoy the list and last, but not least, I would love to wish all of my dear readers a Happy Halloween 🙂


1. The House of the Devil (1896) (Dir: Georges Melies)
(a.k.a. The Haunted Castle)
(a.k.a. The Devil’s Castle)
(Short Cinema)
2. A Nightmare (1896) (Dir: Georges Melies)
(Short Cinema)
3. The Bewitched Inn (1897) (Dir: Georges Melies)
(Short Cinema)
4. The Astronomer’s Dream (1898) (Dir: Georges Melies)
(Short Cinema)
5. The Four Troublesome Heads (1898) (Dir: Georges Melies)
(Short Cinema)
6. Bluebeard (1901) (Dir: Georges Melies)
(Short Cinema)
7. The House of Ghosts (1908) (Dir: Segundo de Chomon)
(Short Cinema)


1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) (Dir: Robert Wiene)
2. The Haunted Castle (1921) (Dir: F.W. Murnau)
3. The Phantom Carriage (1921) (Dir: Victor Sjostrom)
4. Haxan (1922) (Dir: Benjamin Christensen)
5. Nosferatu (1922) (Dir: F.W. Murnau)
6. Faust (1926) (Dir: F.W. Murnau)
7. The Unknown (1927) (Dir: Tod Browning)
8. Un Chien Andalou (1929) (Dir: Luis Bunuel)
(Short Cinema)


1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) (Dir: Rouben Mamoulian)
2. Frankenstein (1931) (Dir: James Whale)
3. Freaks (1932) (Dir: Tod Browning)
4. Island of Lost Souls (1932) (Dir: Eric C. Kenton)
5. The Old Dark House (1932) (Dir: James Whale)
6. Vampyr (1932) (Dir: Carl Theodor Dreyer)
7. The Invisible Man (1933) (Dir: James Whale)
8. King Kong (1933) (Dir: Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack)
9. The Black Cat (1934) (Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer)
10. Bride of Frankenstein (1935) (Dir: James Whale)


1. Cat People (1942) (Dir: Jacques Tourneur)
2. The Ghost Ship (1943) (Dir: Mark Robson)
3. I Walked with a Zombie (1943) (Dir: Jacques Tourneur)
4. The Leopard Man (1943) (Dir: Jacques Tourneur)
5. The Seventh Victim (1943) (Dir: Mark Robson)
6. Bluebeard (1944) (Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer)
7. The Curse of the Cat People (1944) (Dir: Robert Wise)
8. The Uninvited (1944) (Dir: Lewis Allen)
9. The Body Snatcher (1945) (Dir: Robert Wise)
10. Dead of Night (1945) (Dir: Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden and Robert Hamer)
(Anthology Film)
11. Isle of the Dead (1945) (Dir: Mark Robson)
12. The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) (Dir: Albert Lewin)
13. Bedlam (1946) (Dir: Mark Robson)
14. The Spiral Staircase (1946) (Dir: Robert Siodmak)
15. Fireworks (1947) (Dir: Kenneth Anger)
(Short Cinema)
16. The Queen of Spades (1949) (Dir: Thoroid Dickinson)


1. The Man from Planet X (1951) (Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer)
2. The Thing from Another World (1951) (Dir: Christian Nyby)
3. House of Wax (1953) (Dir: Andre De Toth)
4. Godzilla (1954) (Dir: Ishiro Honda)
5. Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954) (Dir: Kenneth Anger)
(Short Cinema)
6. Them! (1954) (Dir: Gordon Douglas)
7. Diabolique (1955) (Dir: Henri-Georges Clouzot)
8. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) (Dir: Don Siegel)
9. The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) (Dir: Jack Arnold)
10. Night of the Demon (1957) (Dir: Jacques Tourneur)
11. Dracula (1958) (Dir: Terence Fisher)
(a.k.a. Horror of Dracula)
12. The Testament of Doctor Cordelier (1959) (Dir: Jean Renoir)


1. Black Sunday (1960) (Dir: Mario Bava)
2. Eyes Without a Face (1960) (Dir: Georges Franju)
3. The Housemaid (1960) (Dir: Kim Ki-young)
4. Jigoku (1960) (Dir: Nobuo Nakagawa)
5. Peeping Tom (1960) (Dir: Michael Powell)
6. Psycho (1960) (Dir: Alfred Hitchcock)
7. Village of the Damned (1960) (Dir: Wolf Rilla)
8. Hercules in the Haunted World (1961) (Dir: Mario Bava)
9. The Innocents (1961) (Dir: Jack Clayton)
10. Carnival of Souls (1962) (Dir: Herk Harvey)
11. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) (Dir: Robert Aldrich)
12. The Birds (1963) (Dir: Alfred Hitchcock)
13. Black Sabbath (1963) (Dir: Mario Bava)
(Anthology Film)
14. The Haunting (1963) (Dir: Robert Wise)
15. Matango (1963) (Dir: Ishiro Honda)
16. These Are the Damned (1963) (Dir: Joseph Losey)
(a.k.a. The Damned)
17. The Whip and the Body (1963) (Dir: Mario Bava)
18. Blood and Black Lace (1964) (Dir: Mario Bava)
19. Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) (Dir: Robert Aldrich)
20. Kwaidan (1964) (Dir: Masaki Kobayashi)
21. The Masque of the Red Death (1964) (Dir: Roger Corman)
22. Onibaba (1964) (Dir: Kaneto Shindo)
23. Planet of the Vampires (1965) (Dir: Mario Bava)
24. Repulsion (1965) (Dir: Roman Polanski)
25. Kill, Baby… Kill! (1966) (Dir: Mario Bava)
26. Punch and Judy (1966) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(Short Cinema)
27. The War of the Gargantuas (1966) (Dir: Ishiro Honda)

28. Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot! (1967) (Dir: Giulio Questi)
29. Viy (1967) (Dir: Konstantin Yershov and Georgi Kropachyov)
30. The Flat (1968) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(Short Cinema)
31. Hour of the Wolf (1968) (Dir: Ingmar Bergman)
32. Kuroneko (1968) (Dir: Kaneto Shindo)
33. The Living Skeleton (1968) (Dir: Hiroshi Matsuno)
34. Night of the Living Dead (1968) (Dir: George A. Romero)
35. Rosemary’s Baby (1968) (Dir: Roman Polanski)
36. Shogun’s Joys of Torture (1968) (Dir: Teruo Ishii)
(Anthology Film)
37. Spider Baby (1968) (Dir: Jack Hill)
38. Spirits of the Dead (1968) (Dir: Federico Fellini)
(Segment: “Toby Dammit”)
(Anthology Film)
39. Witchfinder General (1968) (Dir: Michael Reeves)
40. Blind Beast (1969) (Dir: Yasuzo Masumura)
41. Horrors of Malformed Men (1969) (Dir: Teruo Ishii)
42. Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969) (Dir: Kenneth Anger)
(Short Cinema)


1. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970) (Dir: Dario Argento)
2. Hatchet for the Honeymoon (1970) (Dir: Mario Bava)
3. The Ossuary (1970) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(Short Cinema)
4. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) (Dir: Jaromil Jires)
5. A Bay of Blood (1971) (Dir: Mario Bava)
(a.k.a. Twitch of the Death Nerve)
6. The Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971) (Dir: Piers Haggard)
7. Daughters of Darkness (1971) (Dir: Harry Kumel)
8. The Devils (1971) (Dir: Ken Russell)
(I watched it online)
9. What’s the Matter with Helen? (1971) (Dir: Curtis Harrington)
10. Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1971) (Dir: Curtis Harrington)
11. The Devil (1972) (Dir: Andrzej Zulawski)
12. Images (1972) (Dir: Robert Altman)
13. The Last House on the Left (1972) (Dir: Wes Craven)
14. Sisters (1972) (Dir: Brian De Palma)
15. The Baby (1973) (Dir: Ted Post)
16. Blood for Dracula (1973) (Dir: Paul Morrissey)
17. The Crazies (1973) (Dir: George A. Romero)
18. Don’t Look Now (1973) (Dir: Nicolas Roeg)
19. The Exorcist (1973) (Dir: William Friedkin)
20. Flesh for Frankenstein (1973) (Dir: Paul Morrissey)
21. Ganja & Hess (1973) (Dir: Bill Gunn)
22. Lisa and the Devil (1973) (Dir: Mario Bava)
23. Messiah of Evil (1973) (Dir: Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck)
24. Theatre of Blood (1973) (Dir: Douglas Hickox)
25. The Wicker Man (1973) (Dir: Robin Hardy)
26. Black Christmas (1974) (Dir: Bob Clark)
27. It’s Alive (1974) (Dir: Larry Cohen)
28. Phantom of the Paradise (1974) (Dir: Brian De Palma)
29. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) (Dir: Tobe Hooper)
30. Young Frankenstein (1974) (Dir: Mel Brooks)
31. Deep Red (1975) (Dir: Dario Argento)
32. Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) (Dir: Pier Paolo Pasolini)
33. Shivers (1975) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
(a.k.a. They Came from Within)
34. Trilogy of Terror (1975) (Dir: Dan Curtis)
(Segment: “Amelia”)
(Anthology Film)
35. Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) (Dir: Alfred Sole)
36. Carrie (1976) (Dir: Brian De Palma)
37. God Told Me To (1976) (Dir: Larry Cohen)
38. The Tenant (1976) (Dir: Roman Polanski)
39. Castle of Otranto (1977) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(Short Cinema)
40. Demon Seed (1977) (Dir: Donald Cammell)
41. Eraserhead (1977) (Dir: David Lynch)
42. Martin (1977) (Dir: George A. Romero)
43. Rabid (1977) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
44. Suspiria (1977) (Dir: Dario Argento)
45. Dawn of the Dead (1978) (Dir: George A. Romero)
46. Empire of Passion (1978) (Dir: Nagisa Oshima)
47. The Fury (1978) (Dir: Brian De Palma)
48. Halloween (1978) (Dir: John Carpenter)
49. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) (Dir: Philip Kaufman)
50. Someone’s Watching Me! (1978) (Dir: John Carpenter)
51. Alien (1979) (Dir: Ridley Scott)
52. The Brood (1979) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
53. Legend of the Mountain (1979) (Dir: King Hu)
54. Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) (Dir: Werner Herzog)
55. Phantasm (1979) (Dir: Don Coscarelli)
56. Salem’s Lot (1979) (Dir: Tobe Hooper)


1. Altered States (1980) (Dir: Ken Russell)
2. The Changeling (1980) (Dir: Peter Medak)
3. The Fall of the House of Usher (1980) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(Short Cinema)
4. The Fog (1980) (Dir: John Carpenter)
5. Inferno (1980) (Dir: Dario Argento)
6. The Ninth Configuration (1980) (Dir: William Peter Blatty)
7. The Shining (1980) (Dir: Stanley Kubrick)
8. Zigeunerweisen (1980) (Dir: Seijun Suzuki)
9. An American Werewolf in London (1981) (Dir: John Landis)
10. The Beyond (1981) (Dir: Lucio Fulci)
11. The Evil Dead (1981) (Dir: Sam Raimi)
12. Possession (1981) (Dir: Andrzej Zulawski)
13. Scanners (1981) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
14. Basket Case (1982) (Dir: Frank Henenlotter)
15. Creepshow (1982) (Dir: George A. Romero)
(Anthology Film)
16. The Entity (1982) (Dir: Sidney J. Furie)
17. Next of Kin (1982) (Dir: Tony Williams)
18. Poltergeist (1982) (Dir: Tobe Hooper)
19. Q (1982) (Dir: Larry Cohen)
20. Tenebrae (1982) (Dir: Dario Argento)
21. The Thing (1982) (Dir: John Carpenter)
22. Vincent (1982) (Dir: Tim Burton)
(Short Cinema)
23. The Dead Zone (1983) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
24. Down to the Cellar (1983) (Dir: Jan Svanmajer)

25. The Fourth Man (1983) (Dir: Paul Verhoeven)
(Short Cinema)
26. Michael Jackson: Thriller (1983) (Dir: John Landis)
(Music Video)
(Short Cinema)
27. The Pendulum, the Pit and Hope (1983) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(Short Cinema)
28. Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) (Dir: George Miller)
(Segment: “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”)
(Anthology Film)
29. Videodrome (1983) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
30. Frankenweenie (1984) (Dir: Tim Burton)
(Short Cinema)
31. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) (Dir: Wes Craven)
32. Day of the Dead (1985) (Dir: George A. Romero)
33. Phenomena (1985) (Dir: Dario Argento)
34. Re-Animator (1985) (Dir: Stuart Gordon)
35. The Return of the Living Dead (1985) (Dir: Dan O’Bannon)
36. The Stuff (1985) (Dir: Larry Cohen)
37. The Fly (1986) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
38. From Beyond (1986) (Dir: Stuart Gordon)
39. Gothic (1986) (Dir: Ken Russell)
40. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) (Dir: John McNaughton)
41. Manhunter (1986) (Dir: Michael Mann)
42. Angel Heart (1987) (Dir: Alan Parker)
43. Bad Taste (1987) (Dir: Peter Jackson)
44. A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) (Dir: Ching Siu-tung)
45. Epidemic (1987) (Dir: Lars Von Trier)
46. Evil Dead II (1987) (Dir: Sam Raimi)
47. Hellraiser (1987) (Dir: Clive Barker)
48. Near Dark (1987) (Dir: Kathryn Bigelow)
49. Opera (1987) (Dir: Dario Argento)
50. Prince of Darkness (1987) (Dir: John Carpenter)
51. The Stepfather (1987) (Dir: Joseph Ruben)
52. White of the Eye (1987) (Dir: Donald Cammell)
53. Dead Ringers (1988) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
54. Lair of the White Worm (1988) (Dir: Ken Russell)
55. Manly Games (1988) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(Short Cinema)
56. Monkey Shines (1988) (Dir: George A. Romero)
57. They Live (1988) (Dir: John Carpenter)
58. Flora (1989) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(Short Cinema)
59. Society (1989) (Dir: Brian Yuzna)


1. Jacob’s Ladder (1990) (Dir: Adrian Lyne)
2. The Reflecting Skin (1990) (Dir: Philip Ridley)

3. Twin Peaks – Season 1 (1990) (Dir: David Lynch and others)
4. Two Evil Eyes (1990) (Dir: Dario Argento and George A. Romero)
(Anthology Film)

5. Twin Peaks – Season 2 (1990-1991) (Dir: David Lynch and others)
6. Army of Darkness (1992) (Dir: Sam Raimi)
7. Candyman (1992) (Dir: Bernard Rose)
8. Dead Alive (1992) (Dir: Peter Jackson)
(a.k.a. Braindead)
9. Raising Cain (1992) (Dir: Brian De Palma)
10. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) (Dir: David Lynch)
11. Body Bags (1993) (Dir: John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper)
(Anthology Film)
12. Cronos (1993) (Dir: Guillermo del Toro)
13. The Dark Half (1993) (Dir: George A. Romero)
14. In the Mouth of Madness (1994) (Dir: John Carpenter)
15. Cemetery Man (1994) (Dir: Michele Soavi)
16. The Kingdom (1994-1997) (Dir: Lars Von Trier)
17. Cure (1997) (Dir: Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
18. Mimic (1997) (Dir: Guillermo del Toro)
19. Perfect Blue (1997) (Dir: Satoshi Kon)
20. Ringu (1998) (Dir: Hideo Nakata)
21. Vampires (1998) (Dir: John Carpenter)
22. Audition (1999) (Dir: Takashi Miike)
23. eXistenZ (1999) (Dir: David Cronenberg)
24. Ravenous (1999) (Dir: Antonia Bird)


1. Bruiser (2000) (Dir: George A. Romero)
2. Ginger Snaps (2000) (Dir: John Fawcett)
3. Little Otik (2000) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
(a.k.a. Greedy Guts)
4. The Devil’s Backbone (2001) (Dir: Guillermo del Toro)
5. Ichi the Killer (2001) (Dir: Takashi Miike)
6. Pulse (2001) (Dir: Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
7. Trouble Every Day (2001) (Dir: Claire Denis)
8. Blade II (2002) (Dir: Guillermo del Toro)
9. Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) (Dir: Don Coscarelli)
10. Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary (2002) (Dir: Guy Maddin)
11. May (2002) (Dir: Lucky McKee)
12. Shaun of the Dead (2004) (Dir: Edgar Wright)
13. Three… Extremes (2004) (Dir: Fruit Chan, Park Chan-wook and Takashi Miike)
(Anthology Film)
14. The Descent (2005) (Dir: Neil Marshall)
15. Land of the Dead (2005) (Dir: George A. Romero)
16. Lunacy (2005) (Dir: Jan Svankmajer)
17. Masters of Horror (2005) (Dir: John Carpenter)
(Episode: “Cigarette Burns”)
18. Masters of Horror (2005) (Dir: Joe Dante)
(Episode: “Homecoming”)
19. Masters of Horror (2005) (Dir: Don Coscarelli)
(Episode: “Incident On and Off a Mountain Road”)
20. Bug (2006) (Dir: William Friedkin)
21. The Host (2006) (Dir: Bong Joon-ho)
22. Masters of Horror (2006) (Dir: Takashi Miike)
(Episode: “Imprint”)
23. Masters of Horror (2006) (Dir: Larry Cohen)
(Episode: “Pick Me Up”)
24. Masters of Horror (2006) (Dir: Lucky McKee)
(Episode: “Sick Girl”)
25. The Woods (2006) (Dir: Lucky McKee)
26. American Zombie (2007) (Dir: Grace Lee)
27. Diary of the Dead (2007) (Dir: George A. Romero)
28. Inside (2007) (Dir: Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo)
29. Rec (2007) (Dir: Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza)
30. Trick ‘r Treat (2007) (Dir: Michael Dougherty)
(Anthology Film)
31. Let the Right One In (2008) (Dir: Tomas Alfredson)
32. Antichrist (2009) (Dir: Lars Von Trier)
33. Coraline (2009) (Dir: Henry Selick)
34. Drag Me to Hell (2009) (Dir: Sam Raimi)
35. Heartless (2009) (Dir: Philip Ridley)
36. Jennifer’s Body (2009) (Dir: Karyn Kusama)
37. The Loved Ones (2009) (Dir: Sean Byrne)
38. Splice (2009) (Dir: Vincenzo Natali)
39. Survival of the Dead (2009) (Dir: George A. Romero)


1. Let Me In (2010) (Dir: Matt Reeves)
2. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010) (Dir: Eli Craig)
3. The Cabin in the Woods (2011) (Dir: Drew Goddard)
4. The Woman (2011) (Dir: Lucky McKee)
4. The Babadook (2014) (Dir: Jennifer Kent)
5. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) (Dir: Ana Lily Amirpour)
6. It Follows (2014) (Dir: David Robert Mitchell)
7. What We Do in the Shadows (2014) (Dir: Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi)
8. Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015) (Dir: Sam Raimi)
(Episode: “El Jefe”)
9. Crimson Peak (2015) (Dir: Guillermo del Toro)
10. The Devil’s Candy (2015) (Dir: Sean Byrne)
11. The Invitation (2015) (Dir: Karyn Kusama)
12. Southbound (2015) (Dir: Chad, Matt & Rob, Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner and Patrick Horvath)
(Anthology Film)
13. We Are Still Here (2015) (Dir: Ted Goghegan)
14. The Witch (2015) (Dir: Robert Eggers)
15. The Love Witch (2016) (Dir: Anna Biller)
16. Raw (2016) (Dir: Julia Ducournau)
17. Under the Shadow (2016) (Dir: Babak Anvari)
18. Gerald’s Game (2017) (Dir: Mike Flanagan)
19. Get Out (2017) (Dir: Jordan Peele)
20. Little Evil (2017) (Dir: Eli Craig)
21. Mother! (2017) (Dir: Darren Aronofsky)

22. Twin Peaks: The Return (2017) (Dir: David Lynch)
23. XX (2017) (Dir: Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin and Karyn Kusama)
(Anthology Film)
24. Annihilation (2018) (Dir: Alex Garland)
25. The Haunting of Hill House (2018-Present) (Dir: Mike Flanagan) (Anthology Series)
(Netflix Streaming Series)
26. Hereditary (2018) (Dir: Ari Aster)
27. Mandy (2018) (Dir: Panos Cosmatos)
28. A Quiet Place (2018) (Dir: John Krasinski)
29. The Dead Don’t Die (2019) (Dir: Jim Jarmusch)
30. Midsommar (2019) (Dir: Ari Aster)
31. The Lighthouse (2019) (Dir: Robert Eggers)
32. Ready or Not (2019) (Dir: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett)
33. Us (2019) (Dir: Jordan Peele)

My Favorite Alan Rudolph Films

* * * * (Out of * * * *)

1.   Choose Me (1984)

2.   Remember My Name (1978)

3.   Afterglow (1997)

4.   The Moderns (1988)

5.   Trouble in Mind (1985)

6.   Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994)

* * * 1/2 (Out of * * * *)

1.   Songwriter (1984)

2.   The Secret Lives of Dentists (2002)

3.   Welcome to L.A. (1976)