5 Goals I Hope to Accomplish in 2023

Happy 2023 to all of my dear readers 🙂 Yes, I know I have not been posting as frequently as I would like, but my schedule has been chock full lately 😦 Nevertheless, I do hope to post more as the year progresses 🙂 Here, below are just 5 of those goals 🙂

  1. Write more reviews on the poliziotteschi films that Steve (a regular visitor of this site) has recommended to me (I have accomplished the task of watching these gems).
  2. Resume my Moviedrome Monday entries (I only have two more seasons to cover).
  3. Write more blog entries.
  4. To start on writing a series of blog entries regarding the rankings of great films directed by my favorite directors.
  5. Comment more on the blog entries of my fellow readers (i.e. Paul S, Pete etc.).

Once again, I hope to accomplish all of these goals as the year goes by and a huge thanks to all of my dear readers who comment on here 🙂