My Favorite Andre De Toth Films (New)

* * * * (Out of * * * *)

1.   Day of the Outlaw (1959)

2.   Crime Wave (1954)

3.   House of Wax (1953)

4.   Pitfall (1948)

5.   Ramrod (1947)

6.   Dark Waters (1944)

7.   Man in the Saddle (1951)

* * * 1/2 (Out of * * * *)

1.   Carson City (1952)

2.   Springfield Rifle (1952)


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Andre De Toth Films (New)

  1. I like westerns as a genre, I like Robert Ryan in just about anything, so Day of the Outlaw sounds just about perfect. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be readily available.

  2. That is a great one as well 🙂 Speaking of which, did you know that Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake were also teamed up earlier in the decade in Preston Sturges 1941 classic Sullivan’s Travels? Only this was a comedy as opposed to a western. Joel McCrea westerns are great and Ramrod is no exception. Anyway, thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. I tried to look on since you live in the UK and I found two links where you can order Day of the Outlaw and it is Region 2 (i.e. DVD’s that are compatible with UK players). Here are the two links below and once again thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Thank you for the links John, much appreciated.
    I think I’ll splash on the Masters of Cinema Blu-ray. I already own their releases of Ace in the Hole, Touch of Evil and Wake in Fright and they always supply some superb extras!

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