My Favorite John Frankenheimer Films

* * * * (Out of * * * *)

1.   The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

2.   The Comedian (1957)
(Episode of “Playhouse 90”)

3.   Seconds (1966)

4.   Days of Wine and Roses (1958)
(Episode of “Playhouse 90”)

5.   Seven Days in May (1964)

* * * * (Out of * * * *) (Short Cinema)

1.   Tales from the Crypt (1992)
(Episode: “Maniac at Large”)

* * * 1/2 (Out of * * * *)

1.   Ronin (1998)

2.   52 Pick-Up (1986)

3.   French Connection II (1975)


2 thoughts on “My Favorite John Frankenheimer Films

  1. Thanks for this list. I often wonder why John Frankenheimer doesn’t get much of a mention when people talk about film history, he directed some great films.
    French Connection II is one of my favourite thrillers of the 70s. Had it been a stand-alone ‘fish-out-of-water’ story and not a sequel, it would be regarded as a classic by now. Gene Hackman should have received a Best Actor nomination in my book.

  2. I do agree that John Frankenheimer should at least get more credit than he is given considering that he directed The Manchurian Candidate. I really love the aforementioned director’s thrillers and yes, Gene Hackman should have at least been nominated for The French Connection II- a sequel that is every bit as great (If not better) than the original. Anyway, thanks for dropping by 🙂

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