Over at Cindy’s Blog Today

I am collaborating with blogger Cindy Bruchman today (cindybruchman.com) on one of her L13FC blog entries. This one is entitled L13FC: Director Robert Altman (read here). If any of you readers are interested, please click on that second link and read what me and Cindy have to say regarding our favorite Robert Altman films. Enjoy 🙂


5 thoughts on “Over at Cindy’s Blog Today

  1. Well done John, you and Cindy sparked an interesting discussion. Reading through the comments on the article Robert Altman and his films certainly divide opinion. Sadly I don’t have the knowledge to add anything to the piece. I’ve seen very few if any of his films. Looking at your list of his favourites I might start with Nashville.

  2. Actually, I would start with MASH since that was considered director Robert Altman’s breakthrough film – both critically and commercially 🙂

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