Extra Credit

I wanted to follow-up on my blog entry from yesterday (read here) with something that involves a little more creative participation on the part of my readers. Nevertheless, participation on the part of the reader is optional here and you do not have to participate If you do not want to. After all, just look at the title of this blog entry πŸ™‚ Now some of my readers (that is If you decide to take part in this) may not have seen any of the Criterion titles that actress Kim Cattrall picks out here, but If you have seen them, let me know in the comment section below what your favorite choices of hers are. Also, what aspects of the video came off as the most interesting to you? Once again, here is that Criterion video link I showed you all yesterday.



12 thoughts on “Extra Credit

  1. Sullivan’s Travels is one I would choose. I have always loved that film, and gave it a ‘Retro Review’ on my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I tell you what is neat about this series IMO. I love seeing the joy of Christmas in their faces as they pick and choose their films. I mean,they are so excited to pick out a few films,the stars aren’t jaded or feel entitled,they have the same reaction you and I would have if given the chance to shop that storeroom!

  3. My favourite out of her picks would be Repulsion, though she doesn’t say much about it. As you know I tend to veer more towards the horror/darker side of Cinema. I’ve always liked Kim Cattrall, even in her more popular bawdy roles, but I find that she has a lovely, soothing voice. What’s interesting is that her character in this video equates to that voice – she has a genuine, heartfelt love of Cinema which comes from both her upbringing and creative drive.

  4. I love horror as well and yes I agree with everything you just said about Kim Cattrall πŸ™‚ Speaking of horror, are you aware of Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema Documentary Series? Each episode has him chronicling the tropes of a genre and one of them chronicles the horror genre. Here are two links below – one is a wikipedia entry on it and the other is a youtube link of a Kermode Uncut video of him talking with Kim Newman (yes that Kim Newman) about the series. Anyway, thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚


  5. I’ve drawn a blank once again, although given Pete’s seal of approval I’d probably watch Sullivan’s Travels out of Kim’s selections. You can’t beat a bit of Preston Sturges.

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