Moviedrome Mondays: The Harder They Come (1972)

I have posted a youtube video link below to Moviedrome presenter Alex Cox’s introduction to director Perry Henzell’s 1972 Jamaican cult crime classic The Harder They Come. Readers can also read Cox’s intro transcript here. The episode’s original airdate was June 19, 1994 (read here). Not much to add here except that I agree with every single that Cox has so eloquently (as always) stated about this influential film. Last, but not least, it features one of (If not) the greatest music soundtracks ever (read here).

Here is a youtube video link to Alex Cox’s Moviedrome intro to The Harder They Come

Since I could not find a link to it’s actual original theatrical trailer onΒ youtube, go search on youtube for various clips of the film

Here is a youtube video link of British film critic Mark Kermode talking about it as one of his BFI player choices of the week


6 thoughts on “Moviedrome Mondays: The Harder They Come (1972)

  1. I love the fact that Jimmy Cliff’s character Ivan goes to see Sergio Corbucci’s spaghetti western Django at the Rialto cinema in Kingston. Someone in a Moviedrome film watching a Moviedrome film? A truly meta Moviedrome moment!

  2. Out of the loop for this one, but I looked it up and watched reviews.
    This is the movie that brought reggae to the world, huh? Nice!
    Very, very, very depressing story, though. I can only imagine with the cards stacked against me, no matter what I did, all the terrible decisions I’d make that would ultimately lead to my doom….

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