Moviedrome Mondays: Carny (1980)

I have posted a youtube video link below to Moviedrome presenter Alex Cox’s introduction to director Robert Kaylor’s 1980 drama Carny. Readers can also read Cox’s intro transcript here. The episode’s original airdate was July 17, 1994 (read here). I pretty much agree with everything Cox says here. The performances from Gary Busey, Jodie Foster and the legendary Robbie Robertson are the main reasons to see this film though.

Here is a youtube video link to Alex Cox’s Moviedrome intro to Carny

Here is a youtube video link to the film’s original theatrical trailer


9 thoughts on “Moviedrome Mondays: Carny (1980)

  1. I haven’t seen this film so I can’t say anything about it.

    John, did you see any more of the poliziotteschis I recommended. If so, any thoughts?

  2. I had completely forgotten about this film. I saw it at the cinema on release, interested by Robbie Robertson, as I was a fan of The Band. For its time, it was pretty good, though obviously not that memorable for me. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I like the sound of this one. I’ve come to appreciate the music of The Band over recent years after hearing their song The Weight when I watched Easy Rider. I tracked down Songs from the Big Pink and then discovered Scorcese’s “rockumentary” The Last Waltz which was fantastic. I will definitely look out for Carny in the tv listings.

  4. I completely forgot about this movie, too! I saw it on cable at home. I think I was still a fan of Jodie Foster then. Had to look up Robbie Robertson, although the name sounded familiar. Quite a career he’s had. I can understand calling him “legendary.”

  5. I have been catching up with your recommendations Steve, albeit very slowly πŸ™‚ I finished watching Young, Violent and Dangerous and once again, I loved that one as well πŸ™‚

  6. It’s good that you liked Young, Violent and Dangerous. It is great. Direction and script were really good and it has great action and car chases. Another great performance by Tomas. It showed his range. He could play calm, subdued characters as well as crazed, manic characters. His cop character is a lot like Edward James Olmos’ character Lt. Castillo on Miami Vice. Maybe he was an influence on Castillo. Tomas was in a Miami Vice episode after all.
    I have a DVD of the film by Raro.

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