Moviedrome Mondays: The Honeymoon Killers (1970)

Since I could not find a youtube video link of Moviedrome presenter Alex Cox’s introduction to one-time director Leonard Kastle’s once rarely shown 1970 lovers-on-the-lam cult item The Honeymoon Killers, readers will have to rely on the transcript (read here). The episode’s original airdate was July 1, 1990 (read here). Along with George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead from two years earlier, The Honeymoon Killers has often been cited (and deservingly so) as a genuine cult classic. Shot on a low-budget with black-and-white cinematography that resembles a style similar to that of a documentary, the film’s disturbing true-life subject matter and it’s unglamorous depiction of it (loosely based or otherwise) would arguably influence equally masterful later day entries like director John McNaughton’s 1986 (though first released in 1990) serial killer masterpiece Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Trivia: ┬áthis serves as the only film that Kastle ever directed and it also reportedly served as French New Wave filmmaker Francois Truffaut’s “favorite American film” (read here).

Here is a youtube video link to the film’s original theatrical trailer